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Below you will find a list of some of the services that we offer.  If there is something that is of concern to you and it is not found under one of the descriptions below, please feel free to contact me at and I will try to assist you and your horse.


All prices are in CDN $. To order any of the below services, see below!

Paypal and Debit/Credit Cards accepted.


E-Transfers accepted for Canadian clients only


Equine Nutrition Assessment - Balanced Nutrition - $125.00/horse or pony



I offer an in-depth analysis of your feeding program, identify deficiencies and excesses and provide suitable recommendations to achieve an optimum feeding program.  I would request that you have your hay analyzed and feed tag information available for me if accessing this service on-line or remotely.  You will also have to provide me with Body Condition Scoring and Weight - I can provide you with instructions if needed.  If requesting a feed program for multiple horses then a reduced rate may apply.  All information is contained in a report and emailed to you.  The Nutrition Program is good for 60 days with periodic reviews, revisions and communications.  

Forage is the mainstay of any feeding program for horses. It is best to have the forage analyzed and assessed before supplementing with feeds and supplements to ensure the diet is optimal for your horse. Forages are NOT nutritionally perfect and can vary significantly from year to year. There are mineral deficiencies and excesses which could affect horse health. Further, for those with horses that have metabolic conditions, it is important to know the sugar and starch content and stay within limits. Both hay and pasture grasses can be analyzed, although it is more common to analyze hay. If we are working remotely, I will provide instructions on how to sample and where you will send it. For on site visits, I will sample and send. Once the analysis is received, I will go over the results with you so you will understand the quality of the hay/pasture and how it relates to your horse. I use the Feed My Horse Equine Nutrition Software (based on NRC's Nutrient Requirements of Horses) to evaluate the analysis using the major nutrients in the program. At the end of the Assessment you will have a better understanding of what hay/pasture is all about and what to look for. This is a "must" for all horse owners for their horses & ponies!


Do you have general questions that you would like to address?  I would be happy to help you!  If your question is very short (under 5 minutes of my time) then it is FREE to send me an email.  If you require some one-to-one time with me to answer questions about your horse's diet, please email me with your question/concern and we will book an appointment.  We can email, skype or phone.   Pre-payment is required.  Some general questions may include:


  • a review of your hay analysis and its suitability for your horse

  • weight gain/loss strategies for your horse

  • supplements and their suitability for your horse

  • nutrition and horse health issues and conditions

  • stable keeping and management practices

  • feeding practices

A quick "snapshot" of your current feeding program to determine nutrient excesses and deficiencies in the diet (based on your hay analysis or I can provide generic values for hay and pastures). This is helpful for those that already have a hay analysis done and want to see what their hay profile looks like in relation to their horses's needs. This is also helpful to those that sell hay to other horse owners. Hay is not perfect in vitamins and minerals. This mini assessment shows you what it has and doesn't of the major nutrients as outlined in the FEED MY HORSE Equine Nutrition Software, based on NRC's Nutrient Requirements of Horses. $62.50 per horse/pony (forage analysis is extra).

Whether you have one or more horses I would be happy to meet with you in person to discuss you and your horse's needs and how we can make improvements.  Some of the topics that can be discussed during a visit may include:

  • body condition scoring and weight

  • instruct owner on how to perform health checks to monitor horse health

  • take pictures of the horse and start an information and progress file

  • review of your feeding program and identify preliminary nutrient excesses and deficiencies

  • gather information for an individualized balanced nutrition program (see below)

  • discuss health related issues and how sound nutritional management practices can benefit

  • assess pastures and hay; take a hay sample for hay analysis (hay analysis is extra)

  • assess stable management practices and make recommendations

  • assess horse-keeping practices and make recommendations

  • assess barn safety and design and make recommendations

  • health and work history of the horse

  • any other pertinent topics


Here are some seminars that have been popular, however if there are other topics that you would like to see offered please let me know and I will design something for you and your audience.


  • Good Hay, Bad Hay: What's the Difference

  • Hay Scoring

  • Forage Species and Benefits

  • Making and Buying Horse Hay - From Farm to Consumer to Horse

  • Poisonous Weeds Commonly Found in Pastures and Hay

  • Safety and Hazards in the Barn and How to Manage Them

  • Body Condition Scoring, Muscle Condition Scoring, Neck Scoring, Taking Weight

  • Horse Health Checks

  • Understanding Different Feeds and Supplements

  • The Senior Horse: Special Considerations

  • Common Health Issues and Nutrition

  • Understanding a Hay Analysis

Disclaimer: Information and nutritional advice provided by Superior Equine Health and Nutrition Inc., especially in the case of illness, injury, disorders, or conditions requiring medical treatment, is not intended to take the place of proper veterinary care.  Information and nutritional advice is non-veterinary (unless otherwise stated), is based as far as possible on current research, does not constitute advice or diagnosis, and should be discussed in full with all relevant vets and hoofcare or other professionals.  No responsibility is taken for the accuracy or suitability of information provided, and no liability accepted for damages of any kind arising from use, reference to or reliance on any information provided by Superior Equine Health and Nutrition Inc.. If you suspect your horse is ill, please consult your vet. Superior Equine Health and Nutrition Inc. cannot be held accountable for a horse's response, whether favorable or adverse, to nutritional intervention. Furthermore, we take no responsibility for the inherent risks of activities involving horses, including equine behavior changes that might result in personal injury. 

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