Do you have general questions that you would like to address?  I would be happy to help you!  If your question is very short (under 5 minutes of my time) then it is FREE to send me an email.  If you require some one-to-one time with me to answer questions about your horse's diet, please email me with your question/concern and we will book an appointment.  We can email, skype or phone.   Pre-payment is required.  Some general questions may include:

•	a review of your hay analysis and is it suitable for your horse
•	weight gain/loss strategies for your horse
•	supplements - which ones and are they suited for my horse
•	nutrition and horse health issues and conditions
•	stable keeping and management practices
•	feeding practices

On-line/Remote Consultation

  • Information and nutritional advice provided by Superior Equine Health and Nutrition Inc., especially in the case of illness, injury, disorders, or conditions requiring medical treatment, is not intended to take the place of proper veterinary care.  Information and nutritional advice is non-veterinary (unless otherwise stated), is based as far as possible on current research, does not constitute advice or diagnosis, and should be discussed in full with all relevant vets and hoofcare or other professionals.  No responsibility is taken for the accuracy or suitability of information provided, and no liability accepted for damages of any kind arising from use, reference to or reliance on any information provided by Superior Equine Health and Nutrition Inc. If you suspect your horse is ill, please consult your vet. Superior Equine Health and Nutrition Inc. cannot be held accountable for a horse's response, whether favorable or adverse, to nutritional intervention. Furthermore, we take no responsibility for the inherent risks of activities involving horses, including equine behavior changes that might result in personal injury.