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How Does the feed my horse Software Work?

The feed my horse software is a cloud-based program that you can access anywhere on any mobile device (cell, tablet, laptop) and an internet/wi-fi connection.  However, the larger the viewing screen the less scrolling you will have to do and the better the viewing experience.  The software is not down-loadable, but reports can be saved to your device or emailed to share with your friends, clients, or equine health care professionals.


After purchasing the software, choosing a password and logging in, update your profile information.  (For versions with Clients, you would then click the Client Profile tab and fill in their information and continue on.)

1.  Go over to the Horse Profile tab and enter the horse's information.  You can even upload a picture of the horse!

2.  Then click the Forage Profile tab and enter one or all 3 types of forage that you use (pasture, hay or forage replacement).  This is where you can choose to use generic values for hay and pasture or enter your own analysis.

3.  The next tab is the Feed Products where you select various feeds (depending upon the edition, these may be ones you have entered in the Feed Editor or are preloaded for you).  You have the ability to search for feeds depending upon what you are looking for, including any feeds that a manufacturer has recommended for any of the health conditions listed.  Generic values for the most common grains fed are provided. 

4.  On the Results tab, enter the amounts fed and click refresh graph and watch the results displayed on the two graphs - one for Forage Only Diet and the other for Forage + Feed Products Diet.  You will quickly see if the diet you have chosen falls within the Acceptable Range for your horse, or if it is under or over for each particular nutrient.  Adjust amounts, forage and feed/supplement types and the horse's weight and class to fine tune the results into the Acceptable Range.  Tips, guidelines and messages help you improve your choices.

5.  At anytime you can save your results to a report which you can print or email.


* more detailed instructions are provided within the software

Horse Profile

Forage Profile

Feed Profile


What Nutrients and Health Issues Are Covered in the feed my horse Software?


Although there are a significant amount of nutrients that a horse needs we felt that the most essential ones would be covered in this program so that you would become most familiar with seeing them listed on forage analysis reports, feed tags, manufacturer's websites and talking to your Vet/Nutritionist about.  If you require additional information about other nutrients not listed please talk to your Equine Health Professional. 


The following nutrients are calculated in the feed my horse Equine Nutrition Software for all versions:


Digestible Energy (DE)                Crude Protein (CP)                     Calcium (Ca)

Phosphorous (P)                            Magnesium (Mg)                         Iron (Fe)

Manganese (Mn)                            Copper (Cu)                                  Zinc (Zn)

Selenium (Se)                                  Vitamins A, D, E                          Carbohydrates (NSC's etc.)


We also look at additional values from forage analysis (ADF, NDF, Moisture, Relative Feed Value)  to aid in calculations or comments.  

The following Health Issues can be recorded in your Horse's Profile and flagged under the manufacturer's feed product editor:


COPD/Heaves/Allergies                Digestive Issues                               EPSM/PSSM

EMS/IR                                                Excitability                                       HYPP

Laminitis or Founder                     Obesity/Easy Keeper                     PPID/Cushings

Senior                                                  Thinness/Hard Keeper                 Tying Up

Ulcers                                                  Stress/Fatigue

Purchase the feed my horse Equine Nutrition Software and start improving your horse's health and performance today!


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