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CERTIFIED Horse Feed Sales Advisor Course 

CERTIFIED Horse Feed Sales Advisor Course  (Starting January 2021)


PRICE:  $295.00 per person (Government Funding may be available to cover the cost of this course - see below for more information)

RE-CERTIFICATION:  $80.00 per year








Did you know that the Horse Feed/Supplement Industry generates about $358 MILLION* or more in sales right here in Canada?

(*Economic Contribution From Horses, Equine Canada, 2011)


* Are you maximizing your sales potential in this sector? 

* Is your staff up to speed with current equine nutrition knowledge and are confident in their abilities to

   sell horse feed products?

* Are your customers coming back regularly and offering referrals?  Are you satisfied with your feed 

   product selections or do you feel you need to do better?

* With the huge array of feed products on the market, and supplements, are you armed with the knowledge

   and expertise to help them make appropriate decisions? 

* Do you have the necessary sales skills to convey expertise and confidence when helping your customers,

   as you should be?

* Do you have a competitive advantage when it comes to selling horse feeds, supplements or products?

* Are you meeting or surpassing your customer's expectations, and giving them the solutions they need? 

* Do you feel you could be improving sales in the horse feed and supplement department but don't know


* Perhaps your customers are frustrated and are going to your competitor for better advice and solutions?


Customers often rely on Feed Store Staff to deliver smart, effective solutions to feeding their horses.  They may address you with questions related to general feed products, or recommendations for specific products for health issues. They may also ask what to feed, how much, and why.  They are sometimes dealing with a horse-related problem and are relying on you to provide the best feed solution, which may be one particular product or a combination of a few.  They want to leave your store with the right product in hand and a cost-effective solution to their problem, or goal.   The ultimate goal for them is having a healthy and happy horse, and are hoping you can get them there.  In some cases they are looking for products that can deliver the competitive edge they have been training so hard to achieve.


If your customers are leaving annoyed, frustrated or leaving the store empty handed, or worse, the wrong product, you have a problem that needs to be addressed.  If your feed/supplement sales are weak or dwindling, you may need help to boost sales.  Or, if you have staff that lacks the confidence and skill set to make appropriate recommendations of horse feeds, then they probably require training in this area to feel empowered.  In all cases, enrolling into the Certified Horse Feed Sales Advisor Course can provide benefits to you in achieving your strategic goals in a short period of time.


This is not "Sales Rep/Manufacturer Training".  This type of training is reserved for specific products by a specific manufacturer.  This type of training is important too.  But what may be lacking is the general science-based training on horse feeding management and feed product types that are on the market today.  The course will have a broad range of information that will help you better understand the information presented at the manufacturer training level about their specific products.  This course helps you with making the right recommendation to your customer, regardless of the manufacturer, so that the end result is a sale that leaves a customer happy and coming back to you. 


Who Can Benefit from the Certified Horse Feed Sales Advisor Course:


* Business Owners and Sales Staff

* Horse Owners and Barn Managers

* Horse Breeders and Rescues

* Job Seekers

* Farriers and Other Equine Health Professionals


Whether you are asking the questions or advising, it is critical to have the right information when it comes to feeding horses and the general knowledge about nutrition and feed products.  The knowledge is vast, products change and still there are lots of questions.  But knowing the basics can help you and customers find the answers they need to make informed decisions to keep their horses healthy and happy. Confidence, trust, consistency in information and product knowledge will convince your customers to stay loyal and return again and again.  Train and certify your staff, and you will be above the competition!


About the Certified Horse Feed Sales Advisor Course:


What You Will Learn:


*  General Feeding Management Practices For Feeding Horses

*  Common Health Issues and What To Look For and Avoid In Feeds/Supplements

*  Feed Demands For The Different Classes Of Horses

*  What To Look For In Feeds For The Underweight/Overweight Horse, Senior Horses

*  Taking A Look At Different Forages And Their Importance

*  What's In Forage and What Is Missing That Feeds/Supplements Can Help With

*  Hay Analysis:  More People Are Getting Them Done- Why Are They Important And What Do They Mean?

*  The Important Role Of Supplements In Addition To Feeds

*  Essential Nutrient Needs:  Water, Salt, Vitamins and Minerals, Carbohydrates, Fibre, Fat, Protein

*  Types of Feeds: Textures, Grains, Hay Balancers, Complete Feeds, etc.

*  Understanding A Feed Bag Label And A Guaranteed Analysis Tag - Important Considerations For Your


*  And more!


How It Works:


*  20 hours of online study, 10 modules, completed in 2 weeks or less

*  Short quizzes at the end of each module to challenge your studies and learning

*  A final quiz at the end of Module 10.  A passing grade of 75% or more is required for successful

    completion and the Certificate. You can retake the quiz 2 more times if you are not successful.  If you       

    still do not receive a passing grade, you will have to retake the course.

*  Each year get re-certified for an additional fee by taking the Re-certification Test.  This helps keep your

    skills and knowledge sharp so that you maintain consistency each year. This also includes any updates of

    information about horse nutrition.

*  Training materials include pdfs, videos, links to other sources, etc. 

*  Course material presented is science-based and up to date

*  Opportunities for Questions and Answers throughout the 2 weeks

*  Certificate of Completion emailed to you upon successful completion, which can be displayed at your

    point of business. 

*  Boast your success on your Facebook Page or Website!


Business Sales Skills Development:


Taking the Course not only boosts overall Equine Nutrition Knowledge, but the following spin-offs can boost your sales bottom line: 


* Enhance client relationships and Interpersonal Skills: active listening, addressing needs, building trust,

   reputation, etc.

* Boost productivity

* Streamline nutrition products that are essential and have increased turnover

* Increase number of referrals

* Deliver the results your customers expect and keep customers coming back

* Up sell related products

* Positive thinking and confidence

* Communication and math skills

* Leadership skills

* Presentation skills


Don't be left out in the cold in this million dollar industry!  Be part of your customers' solutions and enroll today!


HERE'S HOW TO ENROLL :  Click on the BUY NOW Button to fast track your purchase or contact to register by e-transfer.  This course will be available starting in January 2021.  For Re-certifications, please contact directly. 


Government Funding may be available for Individuals and Businesses to take educational courses to secure better employment, and to enhance employee knowledge and skills development.  Check with your local representatives to see what funding may be available to you now.  Here are some resources if you live in Canada.  New ones will be listed as they become available. 


*  NOW Educational Funding Program (Northern Ontario Women)

*  Canada- Ontario Job Grant (includes education and skills development)

All courses will include a combination of various material formats: emails, pdf's, videos, links to information resources available online, slideshow presentations, etc.

Questions? Please contact me and I would be happy to answer your questions. Let’s get started!

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