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The program will not make feeding choices for you however it will evaluate your current/new program to let you know if it is ideal or not for your horse.  It is a powerful tool that lets you play with different scenarios by adjusting your feeding amounts, forage types, feed products and even your horse's class/workload.  Very quickly you will discover how all these factors play a role in your horse's requirements without spending a penny on purchasing feeds/supplements.

feed my horse Equine Nutrition Software utilizes powerful data from NRC's Nutrient Requirements of Horses, 6th Ed. as well as information compiled from hundreds of studies to keep you up to date at all times.  It is designed for mature horses and ponies aged 4 years and up, and for weights 170-1000 kg (374-2200 lbs).

Purchase the feed my horse Equine Nutrition Software and start improving your horse's health and performance today!

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The horse has a delicate digestive system as well as being prone to numerous health diseases and conditions as a result of improper feeding or nutrient deficiencies or excesses. These in turn can cause a shortened lifespan, unnecessary pain and discomfort, low performance and permanent life-style changes to your horse. For you it may mean expensive health care costs, wasted money on the wrong feeds and forages, frustration and uncertainty, and even loss of enjoyment of horse ownership. 


feed my horse is about maximizing health and performance through nutrition for your equine. It helps you master the art of nutrition through simple steps and delivers results quickly.  It even lets you flag if certain feed products are suitable for various health conditions and lets you search for them in the Feed Products tab.

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 feed my horse  is an Equine Nutrition Software  that  helps you make safer, healthier and smarter feeding decisions based on your horse's profile. This is done by calculating and evaluating the total ration amounts and from the  nutrient analysis found in the forage, feeds  and supplements you choose. The program will identify if you are within, inside or outside the acceptable nutrient ranges using colourful graphs, and provide you with easy to follow tips, guidelines and messages to keep you on track along the way. If you need a quick diet evaluation you can use generic hay and pasture values but ideally, enter the values from your forage analysis for maximum benefit.




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*Please note that there is no refund available on purchased software subscriptions.

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