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feed my horse Featured Products

The following companies have featured products currently included in all the Feed My Horse Software editions as listed below. Often these are found under the "Supplements" category and may be included because of the vitamin/mineral content and/or because they benefit horses with specific health issues.  This is to keep you informed of current products out on the Canadian market.  We do not endorse all products or guarantee any of them, so we encourage you to check their websites and give them a call if you require additional information or have questions.  Their commitment in utilizing our software as a promotional platform may be limited in length of time, so we encourage you to note their contact information.  

If you are a manufacturer and wish to have your supplements featured in the Feed My Horse Software we invite you to promote your products in all available editions for one small fee for either a 6 or 12 month term.  Your products will be available for all users to view and use within their software edition when designing their feeding programs, giving you the exposure you are looking for.  Also, you will be listed on this page with your company logo, a short description of your company and your contact information.  


For more information about featuring your products in our nutrition software, please contact us at  



BioEquine:  Based out of Alberta, Sunglade Ranch is proud to offer BioEquine products.   Contact:  403.638.3356,
VetCur Canada:  Based out of Ontario, Stone Hedge Farm Canada is proud to offer VetCur Products, inspired by nature and powered by science to provide the best nutritional assistance for your horse/pony.  VetCur offers an extensive range of products targeting the digestive and immune systems, neurological and hormonal systems, metabolic systems, musculoskeletal system and much more.  100% Natural GMO free herbal supplements from Denmark.  Contact:  705.835.0620,
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