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**NEW - CERTIFIED Horse Feed Sales Advisor Course  (Starting January 2021)**


PRICE:  $295.00 per person (Government Funding may be available to cover the cost of this course - click on the 'Learn More' Button to find out more about funding)

RE-CERTIFICATION:  $80.00 per year


*  20 hour online study, 10 modules, completed in 2 weeks or less

*  Short quizzes at the end of each module to challenge your studies and learning

*  A final quiz at the end of Module 10

*  Certificate of Completion emailed to you upon successful completion, which can be displayed at your point of business. 

*  Boast your success on your Facebook Page or Website!


$150.00 CAD (e-transfer) - $175.00 CAD (PayPal/Debit/Credit)

This course is designed for the person who is new to horse ownership or the person who requires a refresher after not owning a horse for a while. It includes the basics in care, management and nutrition for overall health and wellness. Contact me at to get started.

Your Horse Needs YOU To Know The Basics Of:

* Horse Care: Hoof Care, Skin and Coat Care, Respiratory and Digestive Systems, Intro to Laminitis, Founder and Colic, Common Stereotypies (vices), Teeth Care.
* Management: Stabling, Pasture Management, Dry Lots, Fencing Options, Paddocks and Runs, Safety Principles
* Nutrition Basics: Hay, Grains, Commercial Feeds, Supplements, Pastures and Forage Options, Treats.


$100.00 CAD (etransfer) - $125.00 CAD (PayPal/Debit/Credit)
* A great course for barn managers too! Contact me at to get started.

Your Horse Needs YOU To Know:

* What is "Quality" hay and pasture and related cool-season species
* What are common weeds found in hays and pastures, and which ones are toxic
* How to define Maturity and which one is best for which horse
* How do nutrients change with Maturity and Seasons
* Physical assessment vs analysis- each tells a different story
* How to sample hay and pastures for analysis
* The basics of reading a hay analysis and the importance of each nutrient to the horse
* Why we need to supplement or "feed the hay" to make it work for our horse


$125.00 CAD (e-transfer) - $150.00 CAD (PayPal/Debit/Credit)
* A great course for barn managers too! Contact me at to get started.

Your Horse Needs You To Know:

* About NRC's Nutrient Requirements of Horses, the "bible" for horse nutrition
* What characteristics of your horse influences nutritional needs
* What factors about the hay or pasture affects how good or not it is for your horse
* What are the key nutrients you should be looking at in your analysis and what do the parameters mean
* What are typical grains, feeds and supplements for horses?
* How to read the guaranteed analysis on feed bags and on supplement packaging
* Basic math for understanding the Guaranteed Analysis
* Considerations for choosing the appropriate grain, feed and supplement and how to minimize costs
* Putting it all together and seeing the results: horse characteristics, hay/pasture analysis, and feedstuffs all work together to feed the "whole horse"
* Additional supplements to consider beyond the Whole Horse Foundation Diet
* Includes a free 3-month subscription to the Feed My Horse Equine Nutrition Software (Based on NRC's Nutrient Requirements of Horses), which requires an internet connection.

*** It is recommended that you take the Hay and Pasture Forage Course first to gain a thorough understanding of forages, which you can apply to this course. However, if you are already savvy about Hay/Pasture and you have an analysis just itching to get understood, then jump into the Whole Horse Foundation Diet Course!

*** All courses will include a combination of various material formats: emails, pdf's, videos, links to information resources available online, slideshow presentations, etc.

Questions? Please contact me and I would be happy to answer your questions. Let’s get started!

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