NEW ONLINE COURSES! (Yes, your horse needs YOU to know these things!).  If there is something that is of concern to you and it is not found under one of the descriptions below, please feel free to contact me at and I will try to assist you and your horse.


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$150.00 CAD (e-transfer) - $175.00 CAD (PayPal/Debit/Credit)

This course is designed for the person who is new to horse ownership or the person who requires a refresher after not owning a horse for a while. It includes the basics in care, management and nutrition for overall health and wellness. Contact me at to get started.

Your Horse Needs YOU To Know The Basics Of:

* Horse Care: Hoof Care, Skin and Coat Care, Respiratory and Digestive Systems, Intro to Laminitis, Founder and Colic, Common Stereotypies (vices), Teeth Care.
* Management: Stabling, Pasture Management, Dry Lots, Fencing Options, Paddocks and Runs, Safety Principles
* Nutrition Basics: Hay, Grains, Commercial Feeds, Supplements, Pastures and Forage Options, Treats.


$100.00 CAD (etransfer) - $125.00 CAD (PayPal/Debit/Credit)
* A great course for barn managers too! Contact me at to get started.

Your Horse Needs YOU To Know:

* What is "Quality" hay and pasture and related cool-season species
* What are common weeds found in hays and pastures, and which ones are toxic
* How to define Maturity and which one is best for which horse
* How do nutrients change with Maturity and Seasons
* Physical assessment vs analysis- each tells a different story
* How to sample hay and pastures for analysis
* The basics of reading a hay analysis and the importance of each nutrient to the horse
* Why we need to supplement or "feed the hay" to make it work for our horse


$125.00 CAD (e-transfer) - $150.00 CAD (PayPal/Debit/Credit)
* A great course for barn managers too! Contact me at to get started.

Your Horse Needs You To Know:

* About NRC's Nutrient Requirements of Horses, the "bible" for horse nutrition
* What characteristics of your horse influences nutritional needs
* What factors about the hay or pasture affects how good or not it is for your horse
* What are the key nutrients you should be looking at in your analysis and what do the parameters mean
* What are typical grains, feeds and supplements for horses?
* How to read the guaranteed analysis on feed bags and on supplement packaging
* Basic math for understanding the Guaranteed Analysis
* Considerations for choosing the appropriate grain, feed and supplement and how to minimize costs
* Putting it all together and seeing the results: horse characteristics, hay/pasture analysis, and feedstuffs all work together to feed the "whole horse"
* Additional supplements to consider beyond the Whole Horse Foundation Diet
* Includes a free 3-month subscription to the Feed My Horse Equine Nutrition Software (Based on NRC's Nutrient Requirements of Horses), which requires an internet connection.

*** It is recommended that you take the Hay and Pasture Forage Course first to gain a thorough understanding of forages, which you can apply to this course. However, if you are already savvy about Hay/Pasture and you have an analysis just itching to get understood, then jump into the Whole Horse Foundation Diet Course!

*** All courses will include a combination of various material formats: emails, pdf's, videos, links to information resources available online, slideshow presentations, etc.

Questions? Please contact me and I would be happy to answer your questions. Let’s get started!

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